About Me

How I began my practice


I began my artistic practice as a singer a few years ago. 

In 2011, I lost my voice out of the blue to a neurological condition and experienced how the creative process could open up space for me not just to perform, but also to reflect and explore matters I cared about. This is a video by TEDxSingapore that shares a bit more about my journey.

I’ve been extremely blessed since then to create art together with diverse communities through my social collective, Diamonds on the Street (that partners Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay to offer ongoing songwriting programmes for vulnerable youths), as well as in my personal artistic practice where I actively design or co-create arts experiences for and with healthcare workers, social workers, the deaf community, residents with dementia, children and various youth communities.

While I often find myself beginning this creative process using the medium of music, this process has opened many doors for the communities and I to explore other rich artistic mediums like visuals, dance and technology, and also shaped me as a multidisciplinary artist.

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