Music & Personal Transformation with Youth-at-risk

Recently, I was invited by the UNESCO-NIE Centre for Arts Research in Education (CARE) NIE to share about my work with at-risk youths. The forum was part of the series “The Arts and Social Justice”, a series of forums that aimed to feature presentations by and dialogue with practitioners and artists whose works are directed towards or inspired from social issues.


I had never officially shared about my work in such a formal way to such smart and compassionate arts practitioners before, so I was intimidated, yet thankful. I would have preferred to be the one learning from the other socially-driven arts practioners!

Anyhow, it was a really fantastic opportunity to share what I’ve learned and I feel grateful and honoured.

If you’re interested, feel free to check out my sharing.

The UNESCO-NIE CARE site also contains sharings by other amazing and generous arts educators, there’s so much we can all learn.

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