A good piece of writing invites both reader and writer to explore meaningful ideas together. 

We can pause on a word, sprint through a page or be carried away by a rhythmic phrase. Perspectives are explored at our own timing. 

As a writer, I’ve had the joy of working on pieces that span from heartfelt truths to crucial technical matters

With audiences in mind, I’ll do whatever it takes to transform an idea into a gripping article, punchy headline or pithy social media post that’ll pierce through a crowd of data.   

Over the years, I’ve partnered with organisations like Singapore International Foundation, World Vision, Enterprise Singapore, Volkwagen Singapore, Metropolitan YMCA, Singapore Management University, The National Trades Union Congress, Workforce Singapore and more to craft content, as well as to provide conceptual and editorial direction

I’ve featured some of my works below. 

Do you have an important message that you’d like to share with your audience? Let’s work together!  

selected WORKS (Made accessible to the public)

Life Stories
A technical piece on digital transformation
My World Preschool Newsletter
direct mailer
marketing toolkit
Dilemma of the displaced
Helping the exploited
A leading secret

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